{{Infobox film

|name= Scarface

|image= [[File:The Godfather.jpg|250px|link=]]

|tagline = An offer you can't refuse

|director= [[Brian de Palma]]

|producer= [[Martin Bregman]]

|writer= Oliver Stone <br> [[Ben Hecht]]

|starring= [[Al Pacino]] <br> [[Steven Bauer]] <br> [[Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio]] <br> [[Michelle Pfeiffer]] <br> [[Paul Shenar]] <br> [[Robert Loggia]] <br> [[Miriam Colon]] <br> [[F. Murray Abraham]] <br> [[Haris Yulan]]


Scarface is an American gangster movie directed by Brian de Palma, based on Ben Hecht's novel of the same name. The film stars Al Pacino as refugee, Tony Montana, who rises from nothing to become one of Miami's most powerful drug kingpins.








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